Our Setting

Located between Blandford and Wimborne in the lovely village of Shapwick, the nursery provides a soft rural setting for the children as well as a convenient location for parents. We are surrounded by fields, farms and beautifully thatched cottages. Our dedicated off-street parents parking – with lighting in the winter months – ensures that children can be dropped off and picked up quickly and safely. The children are regularly seen on organised walks, exploring the village, accessing the local park and delightful countryside.

The Nursery consists of:

  • Five indoor personalised playrooms: Ladybirds, Bumblebees, Grasshoppers, Crickets and Butterflies. These include two separate sleep rooms so that children are able to get the rest they need throughout the day.
  • Three outdoor play areas for the range of age groups.
  • A kitchen where our cooks prepare all of our meals daily from fresh ingredients.
  • An office and staff room.

Outdoor play and activity areas

We actively encourage outdoor play and, come rain or shine, our children spend most of the day outside in accessible, well-resourced outdoor areas.

Our Rooms

Ladybirds Maximum: 9 children with 3 staff

Ladybirds is our bright and spacious baby room, which has its own sleep area, baby changing area and baby milk kitchen. We know that routine is vital for babies so we work with your baby's usual daily routines, replicating their eating and sleeping habits, creating a true "home away from home" environment.

  • A variety of planned activities relating to EYFS like the messy tasks of painting, sand and water

  • Activity gyms, sensory toys, treasure baskets and singing, music and stories

  • Free play with a wide range of toys and equipment, physical play, inside or outside

  • Communication and language development through singing, music and story time

  • Quiet or rest time in our comfy book corner or designated sleep room with cots

Click here to view a typical day in the Ladybirds room.

Bumblebees Maximum: 9 children with 3 staff

The day follows a more structured routine in Bumblebees, beginning with a group "hello time" where the children are encouraged to identify their own bumblebees - before leading on to lots of fun and exciting activities and experiences. Children are encouraged to feed themselves, begin to drink from open cups and start to play cooperatively.

  • Plenty of messy resources available throughout the day

  • Table top activities, home corner play and floor games, construction and puzzles

  • Reading time with a member of staff

  • Rest time after lunch where they are encouraged to have a sleep in our comfy sleep room or rest quietly in the playroom

Click here to view a typical day in the Bumblebees room.

Grasshoppers Maximum: 8 children with 2 staff

Grasshoppers is the next stage for our children, where they are able to extend their language through stories, action songs and rhymes. We encourage the children's exploration and discovery, growing independence, and small friendship and group activities to ensure that each child's development journey is supported.

  • Focus is on building friendships with peers, sharing and encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem (with a little toilet training thrown in!)

  • Outdoor play encouraged - an opportunity to move freely, explore and risk take, and reinforce activities and skills

  • Special rest time after lunch in our comfy sleep room or the playroom

Click here to view a typical day in the Grasshoppers room.

Crickets Maximum: 12 children with 3 staff

Crickets is the next stage where we encourage and develop your child's independence in a safe and secure environment.

  • Self-registering in the morning

  • Routine revolves around having fun, making mess and learning through play

  • Some adult-led activities such as building towers, colour and shape matching and a variety of story sacks

  • Energetic exercise sessions, a whole variety of craft activities and plenty of opportunity to read books, chat with friends and have some informal learning time

  • The opportunity for a sleep in our designated sleep room, or rest in the cosy boo corner

  • Lots of opportunities to visit our Butterfly room (the two groups often get together for singing, easing the transition for the children (and parents) as they move on to their next step)

Click here to view a typical day in the Crickets room.

Butterflies Maximum: 14 children with 2 staff

Butterflies is the last room before your child makes the transition to reception class, the next stage of their amazing lives. In our Pre School Room there is more focus on encouraging independence and developing social skills.
We will also look at letter and number recognition and developing their concentration and listening skills.  That said we believe morals and manners are just as important as writing your own name and putting on your own shoes.
hese are a small selection of the activities they experience.

  • Variety of planned activities specific to the age and stage of your child

  • More structured routine, but still lots of free play

  • A daily learning time which reinforces letter, number and name recognition

  • Self-serving snack time

  • A home learning bag with school book, letter, sound and cutting activities and a 'sound box', encouraging the link between home and nursery

  • Summer 'PE sessions' which encourage dressing skills and independence

  • Access to the outdoor area, easily enabling the 'indoor/outdoor' learning environment that the EYFS requires - and giving them the chance to practice putting on shoes and coats independently

Click here to view a typical day in the Butterflies room.