Our Communication

Continuity of care and Handover

Our nursery is unique in that the staff work a four day week. This means that the same person is caring for your child throughout the day and not handing over to someone else half way through.

This ensures that we can provide fantastic continuity of care for your child. At the end of every half or full day you will have the opportunity to speak to a member of staff who has been looking after your child. This Handover will detail

  • What activities your child has been doing.
  • What they have eaten.
  • Sleep times and nappy changes.
  • And any feedback about your child’s day.

It is also a chance for you to ask any questions, ask for advice, give us some feedback or update us on your child e.g. health or sleep.

Tapestry – Our online interactive learning journal

We also want to ensure your child`s learning and experiences are recorded at every stage so you can monitor and celebrate their achievements. To this end, we use a fully secure online learning journal called Tapestry.

Each child`s learning journey is documented by our staff through observations, photographs and videos. This is all linked with the learning, development and assessment guidance detailed in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework.

Parents and guardians can access their children`s journey securely online and through mobile apps for both iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You can also comment on entries from the nursery and even add your own.

And when your child reaches the end of their time at The Old School Nursery, we present you with their entire Tapestry journal on disk. It`s a reminder of their achievements and journey and, we hope, full of memories to cherish.

Newsletters and Facebook

We also keep you updated through our termly Newsletters as well as a very active, private Facebook page that is regularly updated.

Using Tapestry

Log in

  • Log in to Tapestry by clicking on the link at the top of this page or clicking on https://eylj.org/login/

  • Type in your email address as your username.

  • Type in the password you have been issued. It is recommended that you change your password on your first visit.


  • You should immediately see all of the observations for your child as a list.

  • You can view them individually by clicking on the observation and scrolling down to see the videos, photos and assessment information.

  • If you would like to leave a comment or a reply, scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you will see a text box. Type a reply and click 'Add reply'.



  • Click on each observation to look at photos and watch videos of your child



  • The Notes section explains what your child is doing and the Assessment section details the learning across the 7 areas of learning and development.

  • Within each area, your child's progress will be evaluated as EMERGING, DEVELOPING or SECURE.


Your Observations

  • If you would like to add an observation of your own, for example something your child has done at home that you wish to share, then click on the 'Add Observation` button on the home screen. To get back to the home screen click on your child's name and then click 'view profile'

  • To add your observation first give it a 'Title' and add text in the 'Notes' box. If you wish to upload media, such as a photo or video, then click the button 'add files' at the bottom of the screen. Next click 'Start Upload' and finish by clicking 'Save.'