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Our Nursery Rooms

Take a peak at our three Nursery rooms: Birds & Bees (3 months - 2 years), Caterpillars (2-3 years) and Butterflies, (3-5 years)

Our Rooms

Birds & Bees
3 months - 2 years

2-3 years

3-5 years


In Caterpillars we encourage Children's exploration and discovery through activities and provocations focused on the Children's interests.  We help the children gain independence and build resilience by allowing them to explore and be active in their choices and development. 


Everyday children use the inside and outside environments that the nursery offers, and we regularly get out into our local community too.

Catterpillars (2).JPG

During the year when the children turn from a 2 years old into a 3 year old, they are developing their sense of self and finding their own identity, this involves recreating experiences from their worlds and we have a detailed home corner area for them to use their imaginations and process their experiences.    


Welcome to the Butterflies room, where it is the last part of the child’s journey before they embark on their magical journey starting school. In preschool, we offer exciting opportunities for the children to explore and develop their skills in many ways, in a loving nurturing environment. 

We enjoy listening to the children using their imagination through play, and being fascinated in wanting to know more allowing them to challenge themselves with self-discovery at their own pace and what excites them to learn and be engaged.  We also ensure we cover the EYFS in setting up opportunities that will engage and support their social skills, communication, literacy, and numeracy skills. 


So come and join the Butterflies family in creating your very own magical adventure. 

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Butterflies (3).JPG
Butterflies (2).JPG
Birds & Bee's

Our nurturing environment in the birds and bees room provides a space where children can safely navigate the many stimulating activities and resources that are provided.  Whilst doing this they are supported by a dedicated team who are there to support, observe and connect with your children to create relationships that are unhurried and allow time to be in the moment with each other. 

This respectful approach to interacting with your child gives a home away from home feel with each child having a key worker who will spend time with your child each day and oversee the main aspects of their experience.

Birds & Bees (3).JPG
Birds & Bees.JPG
Birds & Bees (5).JPG

The birds and bees are spaced over two main playrooms with the addition of a separate dining room which also doubles up as a messy play space, and a calm cosy sleep room.  Outside the children benefit from two gardens one overlooking the adjacent field and walled garden to the rear of the building.  Both gardens have purpose-built sandpits and spaces to explore physically whilst using a range of resources, media and materials. 

The room also has a separate milk kitchen to prepare feeds as well as a kitchen workspace in the dining room for food service. 

In this our youngest age group we merge children’s individual routines from home with nursery life to get the best balance for your child whilst they are with us. 

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