Out and about

All the children go on adventures around the village; in the surrounding fields, woodland and nearby play park, in all weathers. Our two youngest rooms have access to two four-seater pushchairs which enable our youngest children to get out on walks to enjoy the countryside.

Wearing high-visibility jackets our older children learn about road safety and stranger danger on their walks. Shapwick is a wonderful learning experience; children see tractors and diggers, walk past old and thatched buildings and see people going about their daily lives.

While out on a walk the children can be found

  • Examining their nature finds ‘Is it a broken stick or a dinosaur tail!’
  • Saying hello to the cows, sheep, horses and other animals living in the fields
  • Observing changes and patterns in the weather and seasons
  • Looking at the colours, shapes, numbers, letters and words that we find
  • Making links between previous experiences and new ones