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Childcare Provider in Blandford and Wimborne

Welcome to our Parents’ Area, we hope you find all the information you need. If you require anything further please get in touch. if you would like to find out more about our Nursery and availability please complete the contact form – change to new contact form. If you would like to call us for a chat we would love to speak to you.



The prospectus and fees structure below give detailed information about our nursery.

If you would like to find out more about our nursery and availability for your child, please fully complete the Enquiry Form with yours and your child's details along with the sessions you require or call us on
01258 857922.



Here at The Old School Nursery we understand the importance in providing children with well-balanced, nutritious and 'home cooked' meals. All meals are cooked on-site by our cooks, Debbie and Vanessa who both hold level 3 hygiene and food allergy certificates. Our Nursery has a food hygiene rating of 5 - the highest accolade - awarded by the Food Standards Agency.

As part of our all-inclusive package we will provide; a healthy breakfast, snacks, cooked lunch with pudding and tea. A cooked tea is also provided for your baby. We cater for all dietary requirements and allergies.

Click here to view an example menu of our healthy low salt and low sugar meals.

What Parents Think of Our Food

The Old School Nursery is a fabulous place with dedicated and enthusiastic staff. They have been brilliant dealing with my son's multiple allergies, catering for him specially and never making an issue of this. He loves it there and I feel very comfortable leaving him with them. The fees are straightforward and cover everything, including 3 good meals a day which makes life so much easier when you're working. Highly recommended!

- Clemency Jan 2018


Our Package

Over the years we have listened to parents’ feedback and, as a result, developed an all-inclusive package. We believe this makes your life easier, providing you with financial clarity and the reassuring knowledge that your child has everything they need here.

When your child joins our nursery there is an initial admin fee of £80.00 and a refundable deposit of £60.00.

The full or half day rates then cover all your child’s needs. The fully inclusive rate includes:


Food (breakfast, snacks, cooked lunch with pudding and tea). We also cater for all dietary requirements and allergies


We have a wonderful sensory room

All groups benefit from working with our inhouse specialist teachers for Music, Art, Gymnastics and Activism


Nappies (not pull-ups) and wipes.

Baby formula up until 12 months of age (excluding specialised and prescription milk)


Regular trips out to explore our wonderful rural community

Our Package
Our Specialities

Our Specialities

Sharing our passions to enrich the lives of children.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our specialist teachers.


“Music touches us all and gives something to everyone.”

Verina - Music Specialist

Verina is our resident music teacher (playing almost every instrument that we have ever heard of) the sounds from her keyboard, guitar, saxophone, flute, piano accordion, tongue drums and more can be heard ringing out as she works with groups of children across the nursery each week.  

Verina not only plays instruments with the children, but she also listens to their words and enables them to create their own songs and melodies working with pitch, scale, rhythm, and rhyme.   Verina explores and listens to the children’s interests and fascinations about music and helps them to expand the range of music they are exposed to, from classical to sea shanty and all the good stuff in between!

Verina helps the children to find out the answers to questions that they come up with during the sessions, such as; How do you know which key to press next? Where does the sound come out of?  Is the sound still there if the volume is off? How do we fix the string on the guitar? What effect does music have on our body and our mood?  Normally the answers the children find out lead us onto even more questions and discovery!   

OSN_7599 Francie.jpg

Francie - Supporting children with a range of needs

Frances who is a mum of two and has worked in special education for 7 years.  She is a trained emotional literacy support therapist and helps children to validate, understand and find strategies to manage their feelings and emotions. 

Frances is passionate about inclusion and allowing all children of all abilities to have access to a range of experiences that support their development in a fun and enjoyable way. 

Frances brings invaluable experience that helps all team members develop their practice and support children in their physical and mental wellbeing.


“Every child is a different kind of flower; we must nurture each child in a way that they can grow and blossom.”

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

We pride ourselves on having a detailed and annually updated set of policies, procedures plans in-line with Ofsted guidelines. They aim to inform parents, staff and other relevant persons about the excellent care we provide and the reasons why we do things in a particular way.


The Old School Nursery provides such a loving and welcoming environment for our child (and all the other little people!). You can tell how well the staff build a bond with the children by the smiles and giggles at drop off time! I cannot fault this wonderful team and feel very lucky to have our child looked after by them.

- Sara D (Mother of Child) 2021

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