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Starting Your Journey With Us

We know how hard it is leaving your child for the very first time in a new environment. So we make sure this process is as reassuring and seamless as possible - for all involved.

The Journey

Here's how your journey starts with us, once you have sent in an enquiry form or contacted us (01258 857922) to talk about the nursery and availability. Select the buttons below to see the journey.


If your child accompanies you, we encourage you to let them spend some time with us in an appropriate room, to make sure that they feel comfortable in our setting.


If you choose to register with us, you will have two free of charge 'settling in' sessions for your child, each lasting an hour.


During the first session we go through your child's routines, likes and dislikes, and answer any questions you may have.


The second session is when you leave your child with us. Throughout this process we will ensure that you and your child feel safe, secure and reassured.


Once they start their journey with us, whether it be a half day or a full day, we will give you regular updates through phone calls and Tapestry (our online journal) to reassure you as much as you need.


We will arrange a time and date for you to view the Nursery (with or without your child).This will normally take about one hour and we will show you around and answer all your questions. You can always call us after, you always remember one question just as you are leaving, or arrange a second visit.

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